• What are the lashes made of?

Aylash is made from premium PBT silk. They are cruelty free, vegan, formaldehyde-free, and suitable for sensitive skin.

  • How are they different from regular strip lashes?
Aylash features an ultra fine, invisible lash band, which is almost undetectable, making them much lighter than a strip lash. They are also applied underneath your natural lashes as opposed to on top, so creates a more seamless finish. Strip lashes are a one day wear, where as Aylash can be left on for upto 7 days.
  • Will I be able to apply the lashes myself?
Our lashes are designed for easy, at home application. A lot of our customers actually find these easier to apply than strip lashes - you wont have to worry about them coming off in the corners & you can’t feel them on your eye. We have put guides together to try to make application as easy as possible & we are always happy to offer any guidance required, after a couple of applications & once you are used to the technique, you will be a pro.
  • Can the lashes be felt on the eye?
No not at all, if you can feel the lashes, it means they are not positioned correctly, and you need to remove & re-position. There needs to be a gap of 1-2mm from your waterline.
  • What should I do if one of the lashes comes loose or falls off?
You can easily infill Aylash - there is no need to remove a complete set if you have lost a couple of clusters. Just pop some bond onto the spine of the lash, and reapply.
  • Can I use Aylash if my natural lashes are short / straight?
Yes of course! You only need enough lashes to adhere the band to. If your lashes are very straight, we recommend curling your natural lashes before you start your application.
  • Can I shower and wash my face as usual?
Keep your lashes dry the first 24 hours after applying a new lash set, in order to maintain the strength of the bond. After that, when washing your face, you can still wash around the eye area, use a cotton bud to get into the hard to reach areas & if you have any makeup residue on the lashes, you can use a cotton bud with water on to gently remove any makeup residue. Avoid using any oil based products around your eye as this will break down the bond. On your removal day be sure to give your natural lashes a good clean.
  • Are they waterproof?
Our Aylash bond is water-resistant, meaning it can take a splash or two of water, but we recommend avoiding getting drenched. However, if applied correctly, our lashes are usually fine in water - if you get them wet, avoid touching them, let them air dry & then reapply the seal, and re-clamp, to secure the hold.
  • How can i remove them?
You can remove the lashes & bond residue using our remover. You can also apply a pump or two of our Aylash shampoo to remove any excess bond residue on your natural lashes. 
  • Can I reuse them?
Yes ofcourse! You can save your used lashes, and clean them with our Aylash shampoo & brush. You will need to clean them between uses. Once cleaned, you can fluff it up using the lash spoolie and save it in our storage box. They can be reused 2-3 times.
  •  Will my natural lashes get damaged?
Natural lashes have a life cycle of 60-90 days, and they shed daily. Each individual lash is running on its own time, so if lashes appear to come out with your Aylash clusters (providing you have not pulled them out & removed correctly) it was just their time to fall out. We offer a damage-free removal system, so follow the steps correctly.
  • Can I apply mascara after applying my lashes?
No, we do not recommend wearing mascara. It will make the lashes dry and clumpy, and might even pull them out in the process.
  • Should I do a patch test?
Yes, like any adhesive it's very important to perform a patch test before application. Whilst we do take every precaution to ensure our products are non-toxic & suitable for even sensitive eyes, they may not suit every skin type. Apply a small amount of bond behind your ear (lower section) & wait 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs. If irritation occurs, rinse the area immediately with warm water for a few minutes and discontinue use of the product straight away. If irritation persists, please seek medical advise.
  • What should be done if there is a reaction to a product?
Aylash disclaims any liability for skin reactions; we recommend patch testing each product before usage. After a patch test, if irritation develops, immediately stop using the product and rinse the area with warm water for a few minutes. If inflammation continues, please seek medical advice.
  • I have small eyelids. Should i go for 12mm or 14mm length?
If you have small eyelids, its better to go for 12mm lash length, for a more natural look. For people with a larger eyelid space, 14mm would be a better option. However, it depends on your preference, and the look you are trying to achieve.