our story:

Hey there, gorgeous!
I'm Ameena Yashi, the founder of AYLASH
-daughter, sister, friend, wife, mom, entrepreneur-
Being someone that’s loved getting lash extensions done, two hour long appointments were starting to get exhausting. Having to go to the salon to get refills in, not being able to remove your lash extensions yourself, and having to deal with ugly lash days coz of fallen lashes between your appointments, was starting to bother me. So after almost 2 years of continuously getting my lashes done at the salon, i decided to take a break, so my lashes could breathe. That’s when I realized how badly damaged my natural lashes were - in fact I barely had any left. And that’s what kickstarted my journey to find the perfect lashes, that was damage-free, quick & simple, easy to use, can be done by myself from the comfort of my home. And that is how AYLASH was born.
What makes AYLASH unique is the easiness to apply them yourself, and once they’re on, it makes you feel like a million bucks. They’re cost effective in comparison to lash extensions at the salon - and we made sure it’s worth every penny. And the best of all, our lashes can be re-used at least 3-4 times (I mean, how cool is that?!) And not to forget, they last up to 7 days, and if taken care of well, even more!
I’m so excited to be launching this, as it’s my dream project, that's come to life. So much work has gone into every single detail, Starting from the product, to packaging - It’s truly a labor of love, and I can’t wait for you to experience what we have in store! So I truly hope you love AYLASH as much as we loved creating it for you!
PS: Lashes definitely do speak louder than words,
so live, love & lash!
Lots of Love,
Ameena Yashi