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The most gorgeous DIY lashes ever created. Damage free, quick & easy lash extensions, from the comfort of your home, to look & feel great. Made with the highest quality PBT silk, all our lashes were created for sensitive eyes. They’re light weight, with an invisible strip, giving you the most natural look. Our lashes are also vegan, cruelty-free, formaldehyde-free & latex free.

Each lash pack gives you atleast 3 wears, depending on the size of your eye and the amount of lash needed. You can layer, if you require extra volume. 

D-curl lashes available in 8 styles. And each style is available in - 12mm length, 14mm length, as well as a mixed length cluster box that consists of 10mm, 12mm & 14mm. 

How to use:
Place the pre-cut lashes on the lash pad however you’d like to apply it. Once the bond is applied to your lashes, using the applicator, place the pre-cut segment lash under your natural lashes. Then apply a coat of the seal, and using the applicator, squeeze & hold, to lock your lashes in place. You can now enjoy your gorgeous lashes for upto 7 days. 
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